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Friday, June 06, 2008

[mood | sleepy]
[music | Nodame Cantabile Anime OST - K.545]

Meh it really seems that my blogging self is dying, ahaha but anyway~ just a few days more before school resumes/starts... ~_~ And I'm feeling lazy. I still can't believe I'm in fourth year college already O_O Time's so damn fast haha.

Anyway... just dropping by to update a bit. I'll be leaving in a while as we're going to have some "back-to-school" shopping. I'm gonna buy a few notebooks and also some ballpens haha. Although I guess the main thingy that will take me some time would be the bag shopping... since I'm too picky ahaha.

Oh and about the leadership training last May 27-29... it was okay. I didn't really "feel" that May 27 was my birthday since we had a lot of activities and stuff... Although the venue was great xD I felt like I was staying in a hotel of some sort lol. Although there's no TV (duh, it's a retreat house). xD

As for the event last May 31, it was pretty boring. I felt like I wasted 100php for the ticket (lol I think the only reason why I went to the event was to buy DVDs haha). I would've been bored to death if it weren't for the Ichi people, although I guess we spent more time outside the event ahahaha.

I also celebrated my birthday that day (since I didn't really celebrate when I was at the leadership training). I treated them to some pizza at Pizza Hut (it was kinda funny since three of us were wearing Code Geass costumes)... although I wasn't too content with the treating since my budget was only 2k. I wish I had more money so each person could have at least 2 slices of pizza...but oh well. I didn't expect them to be that many ahaha lol. But yeah.. it was fun. I didn't even expect the Pizza Hut staff to sing a birthday song for me o_O Ahaha. Happy birthday ... Gino? LOL.

On a random note, I've recently learned how to make my own Multiply layout/theme. And being the addict that I am, I used a Code Geass picture. 8D I used a picture of C.C., which was from the ending theme "Mosaic Kakera", and set it to a semi-sepia-ish color. Haha~ I think it fits my Multiply site's title, though. Hee. I also made Multiply layouts/themes for some of my friends in Ichi, namely Patteh (a child!Lelouch theme), Vexille (a Karen theme), and kuro_woof (a Lelouch theme). I also made a Toudou theme for Matrixshino and a Suzaku theme for Saowie.

It's kinda funny that I'm obsessed with Gino but I didn't use him for my Multiply layout. Ahaha. Oh well xD

Hmm I think I'm starting to talk nonsense (but I always do, right?LOL) again haha. Bye for now.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008
OUTing day.

[mood | bored]
[music | Princess Princess - DIAMONDS (Guitar Freaks music)]

Guhhhh. I'm so bored, lol. Nothing much, really, I just thought of posting since I'm.. well, bored. LOL.

Today is Ichiraku's outing [swimming] day, and it's an overnight activity. Knowing my parents, they won't allow me to go, but I understand. Besides, I'm not really thinking of joining the activity in the first place, considering that I also have my own "overnight" activity coming up this week (which is the leadership training from May 27-29). lol.

So yeah... I'm bored, and most of the Ichiraku people are offline since they're joining the outing. And what frustrates me is that the forum is offline as well, lol. Just like Tomoe-san (who's not joining the outing as well) said, the forum also "joined" the outing hahahahaha.

Meh~ but at least, I got to play DDR awhile ago (right after dropping by at school). Too bad I couldn't stay long. D: But oh well. At least I got to play hahaha.

I'm really bored but I don't feel like working on my Gaia art orders, ahaha. Besides, I don't think I'd be able to buy those collectible wings anyway, they're too expensive D:

Ah well.. I can't think of anything to type as of now, ahhahahahaa bye

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
I really need to wake up.

[mood | bored]
[music | Kozo Nakamura - Dragon Blade]

And what I meant by the title is that I need to "reawaken" my blogging enthusiasm. lol. xD I dunno, maybe because of my busy schedule nowadays, I rarely have the time (and inspiration?) to blog.

Although my blogging hasn't really "stopped" since... *looks at archive* December 2007. Hee. I've been blogging a few stuff on my Multiply, although they're not that of much importance (kinda). ~_~

I just thought of updating my blog right now since... I just updated (or rather, added some new stuff) on my fanlistings list, specifically some Code Geass fanlistings. Code Geass is my current anime addiction right now, since its second season is out. Hee.

So what have I been up to for the past 4-5 months? As always I've been busy with school from January to March, then by March-May I've been busy with my OJT (on-the-job training) which is a requirement of our school. I've recently completed my 240 hours of "service" and I've obtained quite a good grade, which is 98%. xD

Oh and let's not forget about cosplay, haha. Last March we (our Tsubasa group) had a photoshoot, and last April 6 I cosplayed a new character. Although, the costume's not complete yet as I still have to style/fix the wig for it. I'm hoping to cosplay the character again this coming event on May 31.

To those who know who I'm cosplaying, please be kind, lol. I know my skin color's way too far from the character's skin color, but I just wanted to cosplay him. Hehe. He's so happy and I fell in love with the character right away, lol.

On a random note, I've recently been addicted to some arcade games, thanks to our Forum's "Timezone invasion" sessions last May 3 and May 17. I was able to try DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) but I can only do the basic levels (not all lol). When I tried the difficult level I just stared at the screen since it was so.. difficult *_*

I got more addicted to GF (Guitar Freaks) though. I can only do a few songs, and it's in standard mode. But it's fun. Heck, I even went to the mall (that's near to the place where I had my OJT) and played the game... in office attire. LOL.

As of now, I'm "free" this week, and most of the time I'm staying here at home hehe. Kinda boring, but I guess it's okay. Although I hope I'd be able to play at the arcade on Friday, before I would be "locked up" in our leadership training on May 27-29.

Hee, it seems that next week would be a busy week for me. It'd be our pre-registration on the 26th, then it'd be our leadership training on the 27th up to the 29th (the first day of the training falls on my birthday, damn. I'd be spending my birthday with Terrans?!), then on the 31st I'd be attending the cosplay event. Whee.

Then on June 3 it'd be our enrollment. Whoo.

I don't want school to start yet. Meh. I'm still feeling lazy. D:
The only thing that makes me want to go to school is *cough* allowance. Haha.

Anyway.. lol I'm out of words. XD~ bye now.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

[mood | giddy]
[music | Flame of Recca on tv, lol]

lol 2007's almost over .__.
And I haven't updated my blog that much... but.. oh well. I'm still active with other stuff though, particularly in the forums (Ichiraku Ramen, where else?xD), Gaia Online and of course, Multiply (kinda). xDD haha.

Anyway~ I just thought of leaving a greeting...

Advanced happy new year to everyone. XD

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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Ugh. ~.~

[mood | blah]
[music | none, I'm watching tv~]

Meh, I'm home~
... Well actually, I arrived home at about an hour ago, but I was busy watching tv and eating spaghetti. xD

The parish service was okay, although I guess I didn't do much except write entries [from vouchers] on the columnar notebook, cut scratch papers into smaller sizes and stamp the church's name onto receipt booklets.. ~_~

Generally speaking, my hand got tired with all that stamping (I was kinda okay with the writing since the entries that I had to write weren't that many), but my mind was kinda bored.

Oh well, I'm kinda happy that I got to render service and at least, I got to finish our requirement in Religion. So, yay~ XD

Other than that, my brain is kinda dead right now, so if ever there are grammatical errors in my entry, please forgive me. ~_~

Man~ my brain is dead, haha. And to think that I still have to review for our long test (formulas galore!) in Accounting. And do some advanced reading for Religion. And do this advertising thingy (which I didn't understand much about what to do) for English. And type my written report for Marketing Management.

Aaaaand I have to continue (or should I say, start) on my story for our Rizal subject, even if it's going to be passed next week. Well it's a story after all, so I need all the time to write since.. I'm not really inspired to write a story at the moment. x_x

Anyway bye for now, my brain's dying and I can't think of anything to update about anymore. XDD

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Late announcements~

[mood | aggravated, somehow...]
[music | Suga Shikao - Phonoscope]

Woohoo, I'm blogging again. lolol~ I'm alive. o_O

Anyway, it's another Wednesday night. :3 Whee~ it's great, since we don't have classes during Thursdays (except when we have an activity or something, since Thursday is an activity day). So~ in a way, tomorrow (Thursday) is a one-day vacation... but tomorrow's not really a "vacation" for me since I have things to do.

We have this requirement in Religion which is to render 6 hours of service in your parish. And well, being the picky person that I am, I chose to render service in the parish office. XD Well, it's still PARISH service anyway. And I think I'd work better in the office rather than being a reader/commentator/choir member/something else for the mass. I think. ~_~

Anyway~ so there, I'm scheduled to "report to work" tomorrow at 8am. I'm not yet sure as to until what time I'm going to stay/work there, but I assume it's for about 6 hours. The only thing I dunno is .. what time is my lunch break o_O

So there.

All is settled tomorrow, although my mood(?) was kinda broken when one of my classmates texted me a few minutes ago, and told me that there's a recollection (I think it is, since the location is the recollection room o.O) tomorrow morning for us third year Management students. =__=" And she added that there's a general assembly tomorrow afternoon... so generally speaking, us Management students are required to attend tomorrow.

So when I read the text message, I was like "O_O wtf?"

Although, even if I've reacted like that, I'm still determined on attending my parish service. ~.~ I'm ditching the recollection and general assembly, since I need to accomplish my parish service before the midterm exams. Besides, I'm too ashamed to ditch my parish service since... I'm a part of that parish and they might be expecting my help and stuff. ~.~

After all, it's the school's fault for making late announcements. Like what the heck, we had the whole day to wait for announcements about recollections and stuff, but we didn't get any... So we assumed that there won't be any activity for tomorrow. =_= Duh~

Or maybe, the announcement was so weak that only an ant could hear it...? The sound system for the broadcast seems... kinda weak, for me at least. Because our professor could easily 'overpower' the announcement with his voice, hahaha. Just like in our class awhile ago, I didn't understand any of the announcements since the sounds were... muffled(?).

Ah what the heck. Man, didn't they even consider that some students (who knows) would have plans for Thursday (like me)? And then all of a sudden, they'd announce something like that... =_=

But no. They're not foiling my plan to render service for my parish!!! XD Bleh. :P

Besides, it's not everyday that I'd be enthusiastic about things like these, haha. I remembered our Religion class last semester, I didn't do any church/parish service, yet I still got a line-of-9 grade during the finals. o.O Kinda weird, no?

Anyway~ this post is getting too long, I still need to do some homework (since I don't have much time to do them tomorrow, haha). Bye for now~

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
After around 4 months... o.o

[mood | giddy]
[music | Tsubasa/xxxHOLiC Radio Drama - Private High School Horitsuba Gakuen 1]

...I'm back. O_O

Well, not for good, but I felt like posting for the meantime. XD;; To let you know I'm still ALIVEEEEEEEEE~

I have this "thought pad" thingy, which served as a mini-diary for me. But seeing as I usually slack off when writing, I guess going back to my online diary would be better. But I guess, I can't really say since life is so busy, especially now that I'm in 3rd year college and all. =_=;;

Anyway, that's all for now. :P

About the layout, I'll change it sometime soon, when I'm in the mood. Although all I can say for now is this: expect me to make a Tsubasa layout, since I'm currently addicted to it. XD haha

Okay bye~ :P

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Saturday, March 17, 2007
Return of the comeback. LOL.

[mood | sleepy]
[music | GLAY - 100man kai no KISS ]

Meh~ long time no update >.> I've been too busy with school. A lot of things have happened but they're not all that special anyway, and I'm not really in the mood to type everything that happened since my last update D:

Anyway, just letting you know I'm still alive ~.~ And I have a new layout! Whee. Gotta love Train~ thank God for animax XD Woot.

...Oh and it's our vacation now, too! Whee. Although it's not a guarantee that I'd update everyday. XD

Okay then, bye D:

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